Lesley Taylor

New Limited Editions and Sculptures

Just in, fantastic new work from artist Lesley Taylor.



Lesley is a contemporary mixed-media artist, working from her studio in the village of Warnham in West Sussex. She also has a base in Orford, on the Suffolk coast.

Lesley's quirky, witty sculptures and limited edition prints encapsulate a moment in time, involving the careful play of light with shadow, in which the focus of each piece is a seemingly simple, but dramatic, splash of colour. All with her trademark touch of humour!

She takes inspiration from the everyday people and things she sees around her.



"My real love is the creation of three dimensional pieces using a variety of media, which tell a story that is to a large extent, left to the imagination of the viewer. I try to find something to make me laugh at least once a day (as this stops me from taking myself too seriously) and this, in turn, strongly influences my art work".....

January 28, 2019
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