Edward Waite

Original Art Inspiration

As Ed Waite launches his new collection with us at Artisan Gallery, we thought we would have a look at some of the things that inspire Ed's Work.


Known for his vivid 3D cityscapes, Edward has painted iconic landmarks from cities around the world including Paris, New York, and of course, London. Each work perfectly captures the bright lights and constant rush of urban life, thanks to his bold, colour-filled technique. 


Ever wondered how Ed gets that fantastic 3D texture into his artwork?

Here’s a photograph of paints and plastic sauce bottles (yes you heard right !) .

It’s a studio shot from  artist Edward Waite .



 “At University, I spent 2 years travelling the world for inspiration. I was in a New York diner putting ketchup on my chips with old style plastic sauce bottles. I found myself making shapes with the sauce and the thought crossed my mind that I could put paint in them. I made a simple note in my sketchbook to come back to when I returned home, “Sauce bottles?

Painting with a ‘sauce bottle’ ?! Sounds weird right, but it totally works! Here’s Edward Waite in action using a plastic sauce-bottle.





.. “I came across this unique way of applying paint by testing out different methods and found that it gave the art real texture. My work is now recognisable by its style which is great” 


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January 26, 2019
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