RIP Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee

A Real Life 'Super Hero' To Comic Book Lovers Everywhere
Marvel Comics  Stan Lee
celebrating his life's work through art

If you've taken a look at our gallery over the years, you'll see that we've always been huge fans of Marvel Comic artwork and so Stan, here's a little thank you from all of us at Artisan Gallery. Stan Lee, the mastermind behind so many  incredible iconic superhero characters like The X-Men, Spider-man and Deadpool to name but a few. Those invincible goodies, fighting off the baddies who threaten to destroy our planet.  Stan Lee, you are and always will be, a legend to so many comic book lovers. Thank you for inspiring our imagination and our children's imagination, growing up and through into adult life. Because let's face it, i'm no kid anymore but I'm a bigger fan now than ever! So thank you. Stan Lee, you will be missed but never forgotten because your memory will continue to live on for generations to come, through the incredible stories and characters you've created.





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November 12, 2018
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