Contemporary V Iconic

Art by PoPsee and Peter Osborne

We have been doing a rehang, showcasing a few new bits we’ve got in the gallery. My favourite wall has got to be this one (see below), featuring work by Art by PoPsee and Peter Osborne. Take a close look and you’ll see it’s a mash up of old vs new. Art by PoPsee’s work is a contemporary twist on iconic historical artworks, think tattoos, bling and social media, all cleverly integrated into some of history’s most famous paintings of all time. In contrast, we’ve also got the incredible original artwork by our copyist artist Peter Osborne. Peter is a stickler for detail, he’ll study the techniques and materials used by the old masters, and will tailor the style to match that of the piece his painting. Take my favourite, The Kiss by Klimt, Peter has created an exact copy of the original, using the exact same style and technique as Klimt – it’s even the exact same size as the original. 



Peter’s works are all original imitations of the iconic historical classics. Both Art by PoPsee and Peter Osborne’s work are all presented in beautiful handmade swept frames.

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August 18, 2018
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