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Have you ever had that moment when you stumbled across something so beautiful. Once you’d laid eyes on it you just couldn’t walk away. You had to buy it, there and then. The thought of not being able to have was just too much to bare! (Even with knowledge of buyers remorse lurking in the background.

Well, this happened to me last month when I strolled into a gorgeous little gallery on Epping High Street called Artisan. I fell in love with a beautiful abstract called Colour Bonanza by Dorset based artist Rozanne Bell. It was completely mesmerising, and I was hooked.



 Her artistic techniques encompass a complexity and variety of mixed media. Only in the flesh can you truly appreciate the marvellous depth of colour and texture of Colour Bonanza.

Rozanne was born in Zimbabwe in 1962. She came to Britain in 2002 where she now lives in Dorset. Her love of the countryside and the coves and harbours of Cornwall are undoubtedly a significant influence on many of her works; as is the influence of her native Zimbabwe.

Was Colour Bonanza a sound investment for the future? Who knows, I am not a connoisseur, I only ever buy what I love, and this is fabulous!

Take a look for yourself at the link below and let me know what you think of Rozanne Bell.


Many thanks to Peter and Pamela at Artisan Gallery Epping. It was a pleasure, I am sure you will be seeing me again very soon.




PS Still no buyers remorse



June 1, 2018
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