Laetitia Guilbaud New Original Drawings

Irresistibly Elegant


Our fabulous French artist, Laëtitia Guilbaud, has once again created a selection of irresistibly elegant, original drawings. Perfectly captivating the seductively nonchalant gaze classic French women are renowned for, Guilbaud imbues the carefree French approach in her subject matter composition; application of material; and her well practiced process.


Her compositional process beginnings with preparatory sketches. Guilbaud's intricate line work in these rough sketches portrays the effort and attention to detail the seemingly effortless  drawings takes. The age old, endless pursuit of looking effortless!



Guilbaud's subject matter, showcased within all her works, represents a snapshot in time. Whether this be a whisper, a peek behind the curtain, or simply a well deserved drink, she presents her figures in intimate moments that are desperate to be seen by all.


For that final French flare, Guilbaud's application of material in her original drawings presents her figures though bold, purpousful strokes. Her black line accented through thick, precise grey shadowing; and finishing details shown with fine line work. A selection of the vibrant drawings are emphasised through her specific placement of colour. These bold, cheeky, confidence-oozing pieces are complemented by the simple splash of colour; giving these pieces a sassy atmosphere. Contrasting her lively selection of coloured drawings, there's also a selection of drawings kept to a greyscale. These act as snapshots into the quintessentially cinematic portrayal of French women: solitary lost in an indulgent action.


The peaceable scale of these sketches allows you to have a little bit of France in any space.



December 7, 2021
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