Stuart McAlpine Miller - New Collection - Harry Potter

Launching Here 9th October - Revelations

The latest release from Scottish artist Stuart McAlpine Miller launches 9th October here on the Artisan Gallery website. Be the first to have a sneak peek of the collection - Revelations, A Portrait of Magic


Following on from his decadent Savoy Suite collection, his new release promises the same intricacte compositions, brought to life through the unique depth of colour. His exceptional ability to manipulate the translucency and opacity within colour, allows him to layer scenes; text; and abstract shapes. This playful sophistiocation of colour and composition gives way to the continuous discovery of sections hidden within the layers. Tuesday sees the launch of McAlpine Millers newest collection featuring the very same breathtaking style thats brought one very special subject matter to a whole new level. 




October 1, 2021
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