Dan Pearce is raking in A-list commissions from every corner of Hollywood. His contemporary mixed media pieces feature some of the most famous portraits in modern popular culture. Grazia Magazine interviewed Pearce talking his intentions as an artist; celebrity clientele; and his experimentation with artistic mediums.


“Art has a connection to people, it makes them feel an emotion,” he says. “I only have one objective as an artist: to try and engage the audience for a reaction, good or bad.” Having come into the art industry later in life, Dan has found every growing success thanks to the acquired skillset from his previous ventures. I ended up in Uni doing a jewelry degree which was a bit random but something I really enjoyed, and I spent four years working with precious metals and stones which has had a huge influence on how I approach my art today."


Pearce's growing list of British acting and music heavyweights include Idris Elba, Boy George, Rag N Bone Man and Lewis Capaldi, as well as boxing champ Antony Joshua - all hang a piece of Dan's art in their space.

Recent commissions for icons Sharon Osbourne, 50 Cent and soon to be Will.i.Am have skyrocketed Pearce into a viral sensation. His symphony of spray paint, resin, ink, gold leaf and Swarovski crystals alone would create vibrant and intricate pieces. But ever pushing the boundaries however, Dan switches up the surfaces he paints on from elaborate mirrors, float frames to sculptural pieces. 



Pearce's latest project, that we very proudly stock, is a multimedia collaboration with Prodigy frontman Maxim. The sculpture series of 50 editions, 40 hand painted and 10 special editions with Swarovski Crystals, allows Dan to showcase a whole new skill set. The sculptures are accompanied by a short film and an exclusive four-track EP release of new music by Maxim. 


Huge congratulations to Dan for yet another milestone!



September 16, 2021
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