Pure Evil - LIVE Instagram Art Feed

Painting Live On Friday 26th June @ 12PM

Guys we’ve got such an exciting online week for you!!


This FRIDAY - 12PM @pureevilgallery LIVE Instagram Art Feed.
This will be live from the Pure Evil Instagram page AND our Artisan page - so no excuse to miss it!


SATURDAY 27th  -  VIRTUAL EXHIBITION (online only) on the Artisan Gallery

 Tune in to view our awesome new collection of Originals, Uniques and Limited Edition Prints by Pure Evil. 

Speak to Pure Evil via our Exhibition Chat function between 12-2pm. 

You’ll also have that opportunity to buy the exclusive piece that he will have created LIVE the day before especially for us. 


.Now that’s what I call a pretty epic week.










June 23, 2020
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