Peter Osborne Exhibition : Saturday 16th May 12PM

Legitimate Fakes




 A virtual exhibition of original artworks by Peter Osborne will be held on:

Saturday 16th May • From midday on the Artisan Gallery website.

To honour all the famous galleries around the world which are sadly closed due to Covid 19, we are holding our own exhibition of masterpieces by Peter Osborne 'a legitimate fake collection'.

Peter will be online to chat live via the exhibition page.



 Renowned Copyist Peter Osborne spent over 40 years in the commercial art world.  Peter has the unique ability of reproducing a variety of works from world renowned artists such as Gustav Klimt, Van Gogh, Degas, Francis Bacon, the list is endless. Peter's work sits comfortably amongst the 20th century art forgers such as John Myatt and Keating to name but a few.
" I have been working as a commercial artist and illustrator for over forty years, originally in publishing and advertising, and then moving on to large scale paintings and murals for private clients and companies. The copying of fine art began some years ago when a client requested a copy of Cezanne’s “Bathers”. More commissions followed until there became a steady demand. I have made copies of paintings from all periods, from Caravaggio through the Impressionists to modern works by the likes of Francis Bacon and Howard Hodgkin. " Quote Peter Osborne.

Peter is happy to work to commission and no project is beyond his amazing talent.





May 11, 2020
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