JJ ADAMS NEW RELEASE - Wunch of Bankers & Piccadilly Circus



To celebrate the release of the two NEW JJ Adams prints: 'Wunch of Bankers' and 'Piccadilly Circus' we thought we'd take you back to where it all began. Take a look at this great interior shot which features the ORIGINAL 'Wunch of Bankers' hanging in pride of place and in all its glory. 



The brainchild, commissioned by our very good client @joeminichiello1, features the Bank of England in absolute carnage. In true JJ Adams style, think crime scene, broken windows, fires, graffiti, soldiers, people running: it's an incredible piece, full of action and A LOT of JJ clever detail. The original has been finished in a bespoke pink, handmade frame, and crime scene tape. Other details include £10 notes.

Full marks to JJ Adams here, it's a commission to be reckoned with. Absolute genius. 


So what inspired the commission? 

 "I have worked in the City, in Finance, for well over 20 years. I therefore see the Bank of England as a pretty iconic building and I knew it would fit well in the JJ Adams 'Rule Britannia series." @joeminichiello1


Well @joeminichiello1 we couldn't agree more! It's a truly fantastic piece, and the fact that it has been made into a print really is testament to that. Thank you so much for letting us share the story of how this fabulous print originally came about. 


Additional Descriptive content on the Artwork by JJ Adams:
This was a privately commissioned piece, now being released as a limited-edition print.The title is a satirical / ironic play on wordsThe idea behind the piece is highlighting the generalisation of the public perception of corruption within the banking system, the greed and commentary on the bonus system banks have, austerity & money in general as well as fear factor predictions on the financial markets due to the impending fall out of Brexit.In this scene, the police are arresting and chasing down bankers while the bankers are running riot and destroying evidence.It takes place at the Bank of England in Bank, London.The Police van source image is taken from a genuine photograph from the Croydon Riots in 2011The graffiti inclusions are derived from my own reflections on general consensus, expressing the tone of the current political & financial climate. Tags such as, “Without money we’d all be rich” and “The government lies, the banks steal, the rich laugh” are on view for all to see.The statue with the traffic-cone on its head is a play on “The Duke of Wellington” statue that is found in Glasgow.
'Wunch of Bankers' by artist JJ Adams is available as a signed limited edition print. Edition of 195 plus 10 artist's proofs - CLICK HERE TO BUY 
  JJ Adams has also released a second print alongside 'Wunch of Bankers'. Titled 'Piccadilly Circus' the piece features another one of London's most iconic spots in central London, with more 'JJ Adams mayhem' going on. Lions, fires, guns, graffiti - a revolution is in full swing. Another fantastic and very clever piece full of detail. Available as a signed framed limited edition print, an edition of 195 plus 10 artist's proofs -  CLICK HERE TO BUY




March 24, 2018
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