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The Connor Brothers pay tribute to Caroline Flack

Thank you to The Connor Brothers for continuing to show support and raise awareness for mental health. #BeKind


Yesterday The Connor Brothers paid tribute to gorgeous Caroline Flack in a very poignant post on their Instagram account. The piece highlights, as they put it, "the toxic nature of our relationship to celebrity and the brutal ruthlessness of the media." Read the full article HERE




"In late November Caroline Flack came to our studio to be photographed for a portrait she’d commissioned. She was kind, mischievous, and down-to-earth - all of the qualities that made her a relatable and a near universally liked public figure. She had a new relationship, a positive media profile, and a stellar career presenting a show that she clearly loved. She seemed happy, and with good reason. Now, less than three months later, she’s taken her own life.
The events between Caroline’s studio visit and her suicide reveal the toxic nature of our relationship to celebrity and the brutal ruthlessness of the media. Caroline was a victim of both.
Whenever the press relentlessly and remorselessly vilifies a public figure for some mistake in their personal life, past or present, the argument made is that you cannot use the press to further your career without giving up your rights to privacy in your personal life. The cost of inviting the media into your life is that you cannot pick and choose which areas they decide to cover, and how they decide to cover it. You are, the expression goes, fair game, and the press is justified in whatever they write, no matter how cruel (or untrue) the story. This is, of course, bullshit. It’s an argument that attempts to place the responsibility for the abusive actions of the press back on the victims of those actions. When the Sun this week ran a story (taken down after news of her death) mocking Caroline and featuring a drawing of her with a message saying ‘I’ll fucking lamp you’, it was presumably, in their eyes, her fault they published it because she’d chosen a career in the public eye. It’s that standard abuser’s warped logic of blaming the victim for their abusive behaviour, the tabloid equivalent of - she made me do it.
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February 18, 2020
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