The London Art Fair, Islington

Another Great Year of Art

Happy Monday Everyone! Last week we had the pleasure of attending this year's London Art Fair in Islington London. As with previous years the exhibition featured an amazing selection of sculptures, originals and limited edition prints. A few highlights for us included: the beautiful original oil on canvas by The Connor Brothers - 'I Drink to Make Other People More Interesting' (of which we have the AP's for the red colour-way, framed size: 140 x 100cm - click here), the most incredible painted galvanised wire sculpture by Kendra Haste; stunning hand-cut butterfly silhouettes using recycled currency and entomology pins by Rebecca Coles; and Ann Carrington's beautiful 'Pearly Queen of Buckingham Street' and 'Black Banderole' - buttons hand sewn on to canvas (spectacular!). It's safe to say we were spoilt for choice with art inspiration.


Another awesome day out!






 We also have a great selection of artwork by The Connor Brothers, butterfly-inspired art and animal sculptures. Click the following links to shop:


The Connor Brothers: click here

Matt Buckley Animal sculptures: click here

Michael Olsen Butterfly Art: click here

January 27, 2020
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