The Connor Brothers

Stunning Interior, Fabulous Art


Just how beautiful does our lovely client’s new home look😍😍😍! A massive shout-out to the talented guys down at @lathamshome who carried out all the interior design (they’re bloody good aren’t they!), it really is STUNNING. And what I really love about it, is that our lovely client actually chose her artwork first, and then the interior design followed naturally from there. And that for us is THE best way to buy art. It means that she’s chosen art as a priority, that she loves (which is important, as let’s face it, it’s someone you look at every day!) and this has lead the way to the most incredible interior design. I mean - how good do those blue chairs look?! They complement the stunning Connor Brothers artwork in the background PERFECTLY and give just the right amount of colour ‘pop’. OBSESSED with the result.


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September 23, 2019
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