Lesley Taylor

Lesley is a contemporary mixed-media artist, working from her studio in the village of Warnham in West Sussex. She also has a base in Orford, on the Suffolk coast.


Lesley is largely self-taught, but has invested time in learning some of the more technical aspects of her craft - such as mould making and casting, primarily at the Sussex Sculpture Studios.

Having worked as an educational professional for the majority of her career, she has enjoyed art as a leisure pursuit throughout her adult life. Lesley started working as an artist full-time in 2010, completing her first series of witty three-dimensional boxed sculptures, entitled 'The Drip Series', early in 2011.

Each of Lesley's sculptures encapsulate a moment in time, involving the careful play of light with shadow, in which the focus of each piece is a seemingly simple, but dramatic, splash of colour. All with her trademark touch of humour!

She takes inspiration from the everyday people and things she sees around her. The renovation of a cottage in Suffolk was the main inspiration for 'The Drip Series' and since then, her works have included 'Vin Rouge' in which spilled wine is the focus; 'Shades of...' inspired by her favourite 1930's photograph of construction workers in New York; 'Absolutely Quackers', also known as 'six ducks and one show off!'

"My sculptures tell a story, but I like to leave a lot to the imagination of the viewer. Much of my motivation comes from seeing a smile develop when people look at my work".