Courty Neon Art

Born  Robert  Keith  Court  on  November  2nd  1970  in  the  market  town of   Romford,  Essex,  England to a  working  class  family.  Courty,  is  his childhood  nickname  adopted  for  signature  reference  to  his  collection of signed neon artworks.Since  1987  Courty  has  dedicated  his  life  to  the  study  of  neon  lights and  immersed  his  mind  in  creating  beautiful  works  of  art  with  the  use of  vibrant  colours,  lighting  technology,  typography  and  the  written word,  predominantly  with  the  use  of  the  iconic  light  form  known  as 'Neon'. A  respected  and  well  known  English  craftsmen  of  the  100  year old  art  of  glassblowing  neon  tube  lights,  Courty  has  reached  master neon  glass  blower  level  and  is  forever  exploring  and  pushing  the boundaries   of   hand   made   neon   light   use   in   the   world   of   art   & sculpture from his East London based studio.

Not   a   classically   trained   artist,   Courty   has   chosen   to   work   from industry  ground  level  and  has  spent  a  lifetime  working  hands  on  with creative  minds  from  around  the  world  in  the  art  &  design  arena, turning  ideas  and  visions  into  'illumination  reality'  on  a  spectacular level.  This  has  earned  him  the  reputation  of  being    'the  man  to  go  to' for  high  end  neon  fabrication.  Being  company  owner  of  commercial illumination  specialists  'Signs  Of  All  Kinds'  and  art  world  specialists 'Creative  Neon',  Courty  is  in  a  unique  position  to  produce  high  quality neon  art  that  combines  his  own  personal  creativity  with  his  knowledge and  technical  expertise  that  culminates  in  a  beautifully  crafted  light  art piece that aims to draw you in and explore its many properties. Courty  has  also  been  privileged  to work  with  some  of  the  most  famous  names  in  the  world  and  has  also sculpted  very  personal  handwritten  messages  in  neon  light  for  vip people  and  is  much  trusted  in  these  circles  and  well  respected  for  his sworn  secrecy,  privacy  and  discretion  in  relation  to  commissioned personal  neon  artworks.  Whether  it  be  collaboratively  or  on  his  own Courty  has  neon  art  pieces  hanging  on  the  walls  in  some  of  the  most exclusive  houses  and  estates  around  the  world.  He  has  fabricated neon  art  pieces  that  now  form  part  of  collections  of  world  leaders, stars,  the  rich  and  famous,  as  well  as  having  made  neon  artworks that  have  been  exhibited  in  some  of  the  most  prestigious  galleries and  art  institutions  in  the  UK.  Being  proud  that  these  artworks  have reached  such  high  levels,  Courty  with  his  working  class  roots  also prides  himself  that  his  art  is  available  at  all  levels  financially  and  is collectable and affordable to all lovers of neon art. Courty  describes  his  neon  artworks  as  an  exploration  of  light,  colour and the written word. Collectable limited edition framed prints of Courtys works are now available.