The Connor Brothers



The Connor Brothers are the pseudonym for British artists James Golding and Mike Snelle. The duo came to prominence in 2012 and for several years maintained their anonymity by using a fictional biography. Their identities were revealed in 2014 in a major feature by Mick Brown.
The Connor Brothers have exhibited internationally across the globe from Dubai, London, New York, Sydney to Hong Kong and Berlin.



“Each new work begins with a study where we put down ideas for quotes. Often these are just rambling texts about things we’ve been talking or thinking about, which we then try to concentrate into a single sentence. Reading them back they feel like snapshots of temporary obsessions or life events”.... The Connor Brothers

Best known for their Pulp Fiction series the pair are also known for their activist work and their playful hoaxes.
The Connor Brothers continue to cause a stir in the art world, having covered a lot of ground already they have many exciting projects ahead.

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